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Singer Gets Bitten By Snake, Keeps Singing For 45 Mins Before She Dies

Indonesian Dangdut singer gets bitten by a Cobra, She keeps keeps singing for 45 minutes before she dies

Irma Bule , 29-year-old, Dangdut singer from Indonesia, died from a snake bite after accidentally stepping on the cobra during her live performances. As any true entertainer would say 'the show must go on' so she carried on her highly energetic performance for 45 more minutes before she passed out on stage and later died.

Irma Blue, Nino Ardiansyah/Facebook
Irma Blue, Nino Ardiansyah/Facebook

Irma Bule was performing at a concert in Karawang, West Java, on Sunday evening. She is known to bring snakes on stage and dance with them as part of her routine. This time, she had a live King Cobra brought on stage, most snakes are defanged so they can't transmit poison but this snake had all of its fangs attached.

During Irma's lively performance she accidentally tramped on the snakes tail, the snake then lashed out by biting Irma's thigh. She struggled with the snake on her thigh, so the snake handler had to assist her by pulling the snake out of her leg. The moment she was struck by the snake, below

Once the snake was out of her leg she kept dancing and performing refusing to get medical help. The snake handler offered Irma an antidote to the poisoned bite but Irma did not see the severity of the situation and refused to take any type of medication.

The effect of the snake bite was felt 45 minutes after the incident had taken place whilst Irma was still performing on stage. She began to vomit, she had a seizure and then she was taken to hospital  but she passed away soon after she arrived. One of Irma's lively Performances, below

Dangdut is a genre of Indonesian folk music combined with traditional pop music.

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