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Domino's Driver Headbutts Customer Over Missing Toppings

A Domino's delivery driver who was wearing a crash helmet headbutted a customer over an argument about pizza toppings

Victim of the incident, Paul Williams posted a picture to Domino's Facebook page of his bruised forehead explaining that he was attacked by a delivery driver after an argument over missing toppings on his pizza.

Paul Williams, Dominos Pizza UK/Facebook
Paul Williams, Dominos Pizza UK/Facebook

It has not been reported if Paul picked the pizza up from the store or if the pizza was delivered by the driver but the incident occurred after the complaint had been made.

The angry delivery driver, who is suspected to be a manager at the Devon, Exeter, England , branch of Dominos, rode to Paul Williams home wearing a crash helmet on Friday the 13th. The delivery driver knocked on Paul's door, when Paul opened the door he was strangled by the delivery driver, head-butted with the crash helmet and then stamped on his head when he was on the ground.

During the incident, the police were called to the scene. When the police arrived, they were met by the delivery driver who was brandishing an air rifle which he used to shoot at the police, before being subdued and arrested.

The delivery driver was taken into police custody and a day later released on bail. Mother of the victim, Gaenor Williams, posted on Facebook her feelings on the incident, "I can't believe that the police would let this man out on bail after he did this to my son and after he shot at police." She went to call the man a "danger to the community" and stated that the assaulter lives on the same street a Paul Williams' girlfriend where the assault took place.

Domino's replied on Facebook with a message to Paul stating " Dear Paul, As this is now a current police investigation there is very little we can publicly say on this matter. However, please be rest assured we are taking this incident extremely seriously and will be providing the police with our full cooperation." The situation is currently ongoing.

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