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Man Sends 5 Dogs To Attack Poodle Because Owner Is Muslim

The Floridian man sends 5 of his dogs to attack smaller dog because the owner is a 'Terrorist prick'

The incident occurred this week at Lake Wales, Florida, where Jackie Hammock, 72, stood naked at his door and released 5 of his dogs to attack a poodle after  he called the owner, Azard Baksh, 21-year-old master sergeant, a 'Muslim Terrorist'.

The confrontation between the two men began in January when Azard was walking his dog, Myra, a Bichon Frise  and told Jackie Hammock to keep his dogs under control as they nearly attacked his dog, Jackie replied to Azard, "Muslim terrorist, Islamic Muslim terrorist. Go back where you come from".

Jackie Hammock, Lake Wales Police Depar
Jackie Hammock, Lake Wales Police Department

Recently, Azard was walking Myra near the home of Jackie, when outside of Jackies home, Myra began to relieve herself near the grass area. Jackie rushed out of the side door completely naked with his 5 dogs running out unrestrained. The five dogs, two of which were large mixed breeds, attacked Myra. The bigger dogs overwhelmed the smaller dog leaving it defenseless, Baksh witnessing his dog being thrown around like a teddy bear began to scream.

Jamie Hammock didn't try to control his dogs but his wife eventually called them back in stopping the attack. Hammock released the dogs two more times with his wife calling the dogs back in each time. 

Jackie Hammock, Lake Wales Police Depar
Myra after the attack, Lake Wales Police Department

Myra was badly injured with puncture wounds and possible internal injuries after the attack, Azard took his dog to an emergency clinic. Sadly the dog didn't survive the attack and was dead by the next morning.

Azard contacted the police after the attack. The police visited Jackie's home, and Jackie, when asked about Azard he retorted "“Oh yes sir, absolutely. I hate that terrorist pr**ck.” Jackie Hammock was arrested and charged with cruelty to animals, aggravated assault and exposure of sexual organs.

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