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Police Remove Homemade Convertible From Street

A car owner has had his car taken away after sawing off his roof, police deem it unsafe to drive

Homemade Convertible
Homemade Convertible, @RothNorth_LPT/Twitter

Ok, So you're sitting in your car in an extremely hot summer day, drenched in sweat, you look to your left and you see a driver relaxing in their new convertible,staying  cool in the breeze, suddenly a lightbulb pops up above your head. This is where you stop, analyse your thought and realise that cutting the roof off your own car due to a couple of hot days is a little stupid, not this guy!

Police in Swinton, South Yorkshire, England, 'saw' a homemade convertible Ford KA parked along the road. After conducting a background check it was revealed that the DIY-convertible had no insurance or road tax. The dangerous looking vehicle was deemed unfit to drive, so was removed by the council and police. The roofless vehicle was taken away to be crushed, the owner of the vehicle could not be found, seemingly abandoning his experiment.

Next time just turn the A/C on or open a window.

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