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Drunk Russian Burglar Falls Asleep At The Scene Of The Crime

A Russian burglar breaks into a restaurant and manages to fall asleep while attempting to steal

On Monday, 4th of July 2016 at approximately 1:30am, a drunk burglar breaks into a Pizza Place located in Krasnoyarsk, Central Russia.

The CCTV footage shows the highly intoxicated man crawling head first over the counter falling face first onto the ground.

The man steadies himself to his feet and begins to search the area for loot. The man unable to see in the pitch black environment walks around with his arms extended and hands pointed as to make sure not to bump into anything.

Drunk Russian Burglar
Drunk Russian Burglar climbing the counter, Surveillance Footage

The man eventually finds a large Television set which he promptly destroys by knocking it over to the floor. He then avoids walking through a doorway and instead hilariously opts to climbs over a counter using his stomach.

After over 10 minutes of failing to find his fortune, the inebriated man is seen crouched over scratching his arm before passing out in the middle of committing his robbery.

The man was arrested the net morning after he was found unconscious by the restaurant owner.

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