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Hamburger-hotdog Hybrid Has Been Patented

Yes you're far too late, someone has already beaten you to the punch, the hotdog-hamburger hybrid has been invented!

'Hamdog', Facebook

So you walk into a fast food restaurant, you look at the menu and see a selection of choices but can't decide on what to eat. Your stomach is telling you, that you need something substantial, so you are swayed to choose a hamburger but you really do prefer the taste of a hotdog better.

If this very specific dilemma ever happened to you, you're in luck, a man by the name of Mark Anthony Murray has gained a US patent for the hotdog-hamburger hybrid, titled the 'Hamdog'.

What is it? well, let's start with the bun, the bun is a combination of a hot dog roll and a hamburger they have been fused together. The bun looks like an ordinary burger bun for the most part but with two baguettes sticking out on opposite sides, it is finished off with sesame seeds sprinkled on top of course.

The inside is the most interesting part of the burger-hotdog, there is one beef patty which has been cut in two and a large hot dog has been placed in the middle creating the magnificent Hamdog.

The inventor of the Hamdog told, to become a franchise owner of the Hamdog all you need to pay is $10,000, which will provide you with a Hamdog marquee and the ability to sell the exotic new fast food item. 

Below is the Hamdog being created.

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