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Thief Demands Exactly $40

A man walks into a store and hands the cashier a note demanding exactly $40, no more no less

The surveillance footage of the crime was released Wednesday, 21st September, by Philadelphia Police Department. The robbery occurred on Sunday, 28th August, at approximately 2:30 pm, the location of the crime was at a Family Dollar store on 4701 West Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Family Dollar Philadelphia
Family Dollar on 4701 West Girard Avenue, Google Street View

The suspect walked into the Family Dolar store and casually strolled to the cashier's counter and joined the queue of customers. Whilst there was a customer behind the suspect, the suspect confidently hands the cashier a note demanding $40.

Not $30 or $50, exactly $40.

$40 robbery
$40 robbery, Philadelphia Police Department

The cashier obliges to the robber's request and hands the money in its exact amount to the suspect. The suspect managed to escape the crime scene and was last seen walking away on Girard Avenue.

Philadelphia police have released a description of the man, stating that he's a black male, 40-50 years-of-age, 5’5”, medium build, wearing a yellow shirt, khaki pants, and glasses.

I f you have any information on the robbery or the suspect, you can submit a tip online.

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