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6000 Students Hunt Clowns

6000 Penn State University students join in the mass hysteria and hunt clowns after three are spotted

Clown Sighting
Students Chase Clowns, @Alex_Gaydos/Twitter

Camera phone footage has surfaced of an estimated 6000 students running through the streets hunting for 'Evil Clowns' after a sighting in the area.

On the night of Monday, 3rd October, Pennsylvania State Unversity students started and escalated the mass hysteria after three clowns were rumored to be nearby the university campus.

The video depicts a seemingly never-ending stream of students chanting as they manically run towards the location of the mysterious clowns.

Onward State reports that about 11:20pm the rumors of the clowns being in the area began and by 11:50pm students gathered outside their building to hunt down the circus workers.Students in the mob are spotted wielding a variety of unconventional weaponry to hunt down the clowns, including baseball bats, hockey sticks, tennis rackets, and golf clubs.

At approximately 1:15am Tuesday morning most of the commotion died down as the students made it back to their dorms.

There was reported to be no one injured or any criminal activity (vandalism or looting) involved with the rioting.

No clowns were caught during the riots.

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