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Security Guards Hysterical Attempt To Douse A Fire

Indian security guards prove why they are not firefighters

Watch this hilarious video making it's round's around the web, showing a hysterically bad attempt by a number of security guards trying to put out a fire which is happening in an Indian university boarding house a couple floors up.

The security guards sheepishly try and aim their water hose at the blaze which is pouring out a pitiful amount of liquid, the stream barely reaches a metres length before striking the ground.

Failed attempt, Bala RulZ/Youtube
Failed attempt, Bala RulZ/Youtube

Comments under the video are pointing ou the fact that they are not firefighters but security guards but the funniest part is not their inability to take out the blaze but that all three security guards a crowding around the one useless hose believing that the water hose will somehow achieve it's impossible task of firing several metres up high.

The fire was eventually put out by proper firefighters, no one was injured during the blaze, only the building was damaged. 

Check out the unrelated video below to see how real firemen tackle a blaze.

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