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Robber Given 40 Years Attempts To Fling Poo At Judge

Ricky Hand whilst in court for a string of robberies attempts to fling poop at judge

On Wednesday, 22nd of June, Ricky Hand, 46, from Springfield, Ohio, was in court being struck with 40 years of jail time after being found guilty of 30 charges involving armed robberies, breaking and entering of businesses.

Ricky was wearing a sling on his injured arm, inside the sling, he managed to conceal a number of vials, which were meant to be used for medication but he filled them with feces and urine.

Ricky Hand, Clark County Jail records
Ricky Hand, Clark County Jail records

After the judge found Mr. Hand guilty of his crimes, he issued Ricky 40 years of jail time. To which Ricky stood up and stated “Did you just give me 40 years, sir? You just gave me 40 years…. Well, guess what?”

As he was making his statement to the judge he reached into his sling, the police officers standing beside Mr. Hand noticed him reaching into his sling and apprehended him, Ricky managed to fling a bottle of excrement but it has been unreported if it had hit anyone. It took four police officer to subdue Ricky Hand whilst he continued to yell obscenities in the courthouse.

Ricky Hand faces new charges involving the concealment and throwing of the bottle of feces and is facing the possibility of a new felony charge.

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