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Singapore's Boeing 777 Catches On Fire

Singapore Airline SQ368 caught fire after making an emergency landing

Singapore Airline's flight SQ368 carrying 241 passengers caught on fire after making an emergency landing 2 hours into its flight.

The Boeing 777-300ER departed from Changi Airport and was heading towards Milan, Italy. Two hours into the journey the plane began to indicate a problem with the engine oil after displaying a warning message. The pilot turned the plane around and headed back to Changi Airport.

Singapore Airline's Boeing 777 ablaze
Singapore Airline's Boeing 777 ablaze, lpohchin lpohchin/Youtube

The plane held 19 crew members and 222 passengers, who all applauded the pilot after conducting a safe emergency landing. The praises stopped when passengers noticed that the right engine and wing was ablaze. 

There was panic amongst the passengers of the plane increased as they were not allowed to exit the airliner and had to wait several minutes for firefighters and emergency crew to put out the fire. The fire was coming out of the wing and engine engulfing the plane in flames and black smoke.

Passengers began to record the fire from inside of the plane.

After firefighters showered the plane with foam and water, fortunately, the fire was put out succeeding a five-minute long battle and passengers were able to collect their luggage and be let off of the burnt airplane.

No one was injured during or after the blaze and passenger were able to catch a flight towards their destination later that same day.

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