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Man Jumps Into River To Avoid Breathalyzer Test

A drunk Quebec man plunges himself into a river to escape the police

Chaudière River
Chaudière River, Google Street View

A drunk 29-year-old man was driving along the Route President Kennedy, Quebec, Canada, which runs parallel to the Chaudière River. 

Quebec provincial police were in a cruiser patrolling the highway when they stopped the drunk 29-year-old man. The drunk man stopped his vehicle and the police immediately believed him to be intoxicated.

The police issued a breathalyzer test for the 29-year-old to partake in and asked the man to step out of the vehicle. The 29-year-old got out of his vehicle and in his inebriated state ran towards the nearby Chaudière River and decided to jump in.

The police began a search operation  to retrieve the drunk man, they called the fire service to aid in their effort to save the man from the potentially life-threatening situation.

The police could not locate the man in the water but at 6:30 a.m they spotted the same man in wet clothing walking along Route President Kennedy.

The police arrested the man and brought him into custody. The police stated that the 29-year-old was lucky to be alive, his current charges haven't been released as of yet.

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