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Top 5 Weird News Of The Week, From 18th July 2016

Our countdown of the weirdest news stories to come out of the week of 18th July 2016

5 - Police Remove Homemade Convertible From Street

Well, here's one way to stay cool during the summer. Click Here To Read

4 - Man Poops Pants To Avoid Arrest

If all else fails, poop. Click Here To Read

3 - Pokemon Go Player Hits Car In Front Of Police

Distracted driver trying to catch em all, catches a police a vehicle parked on the side of the road. Click Here To Read

2 - Man Wants Racists To Send Him Back To Africa

A black man starts a GoFundMe page to give the chance of racists to put their money where their mouths are and send him back to Africa. Click Here To Read

1 - Man Shoots At Pokemon Go Player Outside Of His Home

A homeowner spots two people outside his home late at night, he overhears the two men asking each other "did you get anything", suspecting them of being burglars he opens fire. Click Here To Read

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