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Top 5 Weird News Stories Of July 2016

A countdown of the weirdest news stories we reported throughout the month of July 2016

5 - Man Shoots At Pokemon Go Players Outside Of His Home

A homeowner spots two people outside his home late at night, he suspects the individuals to be burglars after , he overhears the two men asking each other "did you get anything", he opens fire. Click Here To Read

4 - Creepy Intruder Watches Over Sleeping Couple

The image itself of a man looking over a sleeping couple sends shivers through one's back on its own. A creepy event of a burglar breaking in and watching over a sleeping couple for 15 minutes. Click Here To Read

3 - Takeaway Owner Ignores Robber, Stops Robbery

A robbery happening ? just ignore it and it'll stop on its own. A takeaway worker stops a robbery in the most casual way imaginable. Click Here To Read

2 - Kidnapping Attempt In Front Of Mom

Child is snatched just a couple of footsteps from her mother. An abduction in broad daylight sends shivers down the neck of watchers as mother chases kidnapper to rescue daughter. Click Here To Read

1 - Woman Mauled To Death By Tiger

This family makes sure nobody else will try and get out of their car during a safari. A sad story of a mother trying to save her daughter from a Siberian tiger but getting snatched away and mauled herself. Click Here To Read

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