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Man Rides An Ostrich Through Traffic

A man rides a tamed ostrich through a busy Kazakhstani road


Imagine the convenience of riding an ostrich for your daily commute, you wouldn't even need to park it at your destination just leave it at a park to graze and possibly horribly maim people with its powerful kicks if they get too close.

The ostrich was spotted on Sunday, 25th August, via dashcam. The flightless bird was being ridden through Main Street in Kazakhstan's largest metropolis, Almaty. It can be seen in the footage above sprinting wildly past the camera and weaving in and out of traffic with remarkable agility.

Ostrich Facts

Ostrich Top Speed: 70kmh (43mph)

Ostrich Weight: Male: 120kg(265lbs), Female: 100kg(220lbs)

Ostrich Height: Male: 2.1 – 2.8m(6'9-9'2) , Female: 1.7 – 2m(5'6-6'6)

Ostrich Max Carry Weight: 70kg(150lbs)

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