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Top 5 Weird News Of The Week, From 5th September 2016

Our countdown of the weirdest news stories to come out of the week of 5th September 2016

5 - Man Uses Wanted Picture In Facebook Profile, Arrested

A wanted man uses a picture of himself released by the police as his profile picture as a joke, the picture gets him arrested . Click Here To Read

4 - Six Year Old Girl Takes On Axe Wielding Burglar

A six-year-old girl mistakes an axe-wielding burglar for her dad, she runs up to him and grabs his leg, inadvertently, helping one of the workers being attacked. Click Here To Read

3 - Thief Poos In The Middle Of Supermarket

Yep, a thief poops in the middle of the supermarket. Why is he a thief? Because he steals toilet paper and liquid hand soap to clean himself after defecating. Click Here To Read

2 - Bank Robber Prefers Jail Over Staying Home With Wife

A man robs a bank of almost $3,000 and waits in the lobby for the police to arrive so he can spend time in jail away from his wife. Click Here To Read

1 - Mcdonalds Murderer Escapes Police Station

A murderer who shot to death a man outside a Mcdonald's parking lot for not opening the door for a woman escaped from a police interrogation room. The police managed to find him after a four-day long manhunt. Click Here To Read

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