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Top 5 Weird News Of The Week, From 12th September 2016

Our countdown of the weirdest news stories to come out of the week of 12th September 2016

5 - Teen Faces Felony Charge After Putting Soda In Water Cup

Teenager swaps out his water for soda, then gets told to stop by the manager and ends up hitting the manager with his car. Click Here To Read

4 - Man Steals $1,000 Tomahawk From Restaurant

A man steals a wooden tomahawk from a native American statue at the front of a restaurant, posts images of him with the hatchet over social media. Click Here To Read

3 - Woman Puts Out Cigarette In Her Boyfriends Eye

That must've hurt, an argument causes girlfriend to blind boyfriend in one eye. Click Here To Read

2 - Woman Makes A Bomb Threat To Stall Boyfriends Urine Test

Girlfriend tries her best to save her boyfriend but making a bomb threat went a little too far. Click Here To Read

1 - Woman Arrested For Stealing 3 French Fries From Cop

Yep, eating three french fries off of a police officers plate can get you arrested, next time make sure he's not looking. Click Here To Read

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