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Man Assaults 65-year-old Walmart Greeter With Taser

A Walmart greeter is tased by a stun gun after she asks 2 thieves where their receipt is for the television they're carrying

John David Davis Jr and Natasha Jean Hall
John David Davis Jr and Natasha Jean Hall, Union County Sheriff's Office

On Sunday 4th December, John David Davis Jr, 42, and Natasha Jean Hall, 38, have been accused of attacking a Walmart greeter with a stun gun in an effort to evade her stopping their robbery.

The couple entered the Walmart in Indian Trail, North Carolina, they walked towards the electronic section of the store and picked up a $498, 55-inch, Vizio television. They took the tv towards the exit before they ould leave they were approached by a 65-year-old female Walmart greeter, she asked them o see their receipt before they could leave.

Instead of showing her  a receipt John pulled out a stun gun and tased the old lady. the couple escaped from the superstore and fled the scene in a green Nissan Pathfinder.

The 65-year-old fell to the floor after being tased but she did not suffer any significant injuries after the attack.

The John David Davis Jr, Natasha Jean Hall were located by Union County Sheriff's Office and arrested soon after the incident, they were charged with robbery, Davis gained an extra charge of assault with a deadly weapon 

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