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Woman Calls The Police To Stop The Wind From Blowing

A dispatcher alerts the Niagra Falls police that a caller just requested them to stop the winds from blowing because she cant sleep

Niagara Falls Police Department windy dispatcher
Niagara Falls Police Department, Google Street View

A woman calls a dispatcher of the Niagra falls Police Department located in  Niagara County, western New York, and alerts her of high winds disrupting her sleep.

Numerous cities and towns of Western New York were struck by high winds causing power lines, trees and roof tiles to be blown down all of this can be handled by the emergency services by some way. But a dispatcher received an emergency phone call from a tireless woman who requested the police stop high winds from blowing as it was too loud and it was keeping her from sleeping.

The dispatcher relayed the information to the police force on patrol over the intercom, requesting "All cars be advised, someone called to see if the police could stop the wind from blowing so they could sleep, If any of you guys could do that, could you let me know?" 

The short message was uploaded to The Action, the audio has been viewed over 90,000 times and has garnered almost 1800 shares.

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