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Woman Smears Bananas On Cars At Trumps Beach Home

A woman has been accused of vandalizing cars with bananas at President Trumps Mar-a-Lago Club

Kelly Ann Weidman
Kelly Ann Weidman, Palm Beach police

On Friday 20th January, 51-year-old Kelly Ann Weidman trespassed on Mar-a-Lago club, located in Palm Beach, Florida, smeared Bananas on cars and wrote an explicit message on a computer.

Kelly from Clearwater made three attempts to enter the property on the same day President Trump was being inaugurated into the office. She made her first attempt to enter the property through the front gate win her car at 1 am but was turned away by security, she made her second attempt by foot through the bushes but was caught by security and requested to leave.

Her third attempt and was able to type an expletive on a computer reading "F***UTrumpB". Cars at the property were later discovered to be smeared with bananas.

Police arrived at the property and arrested Kelly. Kelly told police that she trespassed because she "wanted to make a statement about being cyber attacked."

Kelly Ann Weidman was charged with Trespassing.

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