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Ankle Monitor Reveals Man's Crime

A man who was under house arrest was found to be involved in a burglary after his ankle monitor showed his location

John Davis Ankle Monitor
John Davis, Slidell Police Department

56-year-old John Davis of New Orleans almost got away with the perfect crime, one problem, he was wearing a  GPS tracked Ankle Monitor which sent his location to police.

On Thursday 26th January, a home in Slidell, Lousiana, was robbed,  in which jewelry, electronics, and firearms were stolen, police were unable to find the intruder until they received a tip-off that John Davis was involved.

The police checked Davis' ankle monitor and discovered that at around 1:00 pm on the date fo the robbery, John Davis arrived at the address where the burglary took place. John Davis’ ankle monitor pinged nine times at the residence, seven inside the residence and two outside the residence. At 1:16 pm, John Davis left the residence and returned to New Orleans.

The police have since arrested John Davis and recovered some of the stolen goods from his property, he has been charged with burglary.

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