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Former Investment Advisor Charged With Forcing Toddler To Eat Poop

A former prominent financial advisor faces child abuse charges after forcing a toddler to eat feces as a punishment

Don Reinhard
Don Reinhard, Bay County Sheriff's Office

On Friday 10th February, 56-year-old Don Reinhard of Panama City Beach, Florida, was arrested after he allegedly force-fed his girlfriends' three-year-old son feces as a form of punishment during toilet training.

A few years prior, Don was a prominent Investment Advisor, but in October 2009, he plead guilty to fraud and money laundering charges, subsequently, was sentenced to 51 months of jail time in federal prison.

More recently, Panama City Beach Police Department received a report that Don, the former Investment Advisor was forcefully placing feces in his girlfriends' three-year-old's mouth as a punishment during toilet training. 

Don Reinhard was arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse and battery of a child by throwing feces, he is currently being held in Bay County Jail.

The police were able to gather additional evidence which further substantiated the investigation and aided in the arrest of Don, currently  Lt. Eusebio Talamantez is still investigating the incident.

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