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Mother Arrested After She Missed The Toilet

A mother has an argument with her son after he claims she defecated on the toilet seat, a fight ensues

Gail Higley
Gail Higley, Port St Lucie Police Department

On Thursday 2nd February, 67-year-old Gail Higley was arrested for battering her 44-year-old son after the pair got into an argument after he claimed his mother defecated on his toilet seat.

Gail, who lives with her son on Southeast Erwin Road, Port St Lucie, Florida, was approached by her son after he had arrived back home. She had just exited the bathroom when her son asked if she had been in his bathroom earlier because he had to clean feces off of the toilet seat.

Gail stated in the police report, “He said he went in there when she was finished and argued with her about using his toilet because earlier she ‘(defecated)’ all over it and he had to clean it up,”

The argument became a fight after the son threw Gail to the floor, Gail claimed that in defense, she smacked her son on the face, the smack, caused her son's glasses to dig in his face and cut his nose.

The police were called.

Gail was arrested by the Port St Lucie Police on a battery charge.

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