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Officer Looking For A Cow In The Road Hits A Cow In The Road

A deputy received a report of a missing cow, he sets out in search f the farm animal, only to run into a cow in the road

cow struck by deputy looking for a cow
Car Aftermath,  Kanabec County Sheriff’s Office

On Monday, February 27th, 30-year-old Deputy Daniel Steven Schulz of Kanabec County Sheriff’s Office, Minnesota, was searching for a cow in the road after receiving a report from the dispatcher, he found exactly what he was searching for.

At approximately 10 pm Schulz received the report of a cow-spotted on a roadway. At 10:13 pm, the deputy was searching along the Highway 23 at Milepost 252, Arthur Twp, Kanabec County he struck a cow which ha ran out onto the roadway.

The cow was killed by the impact. It is believed the  which belonged to a nearby farm, the nearest farm being McVay Farms,

The incident report stated, "A Kanabec County Sheriff's Deputy was searching for a reported cow on the roadway. As the Deputy was making a second pass through the area, the cow ran out of the ditch and the vehicle struck it. The Deputy was transported to First Light Hospital in Mora with non-life threatening injuries."

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