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Woman Pours Bleach On Dog After Fight With Boyfriend

A Californian woman dumps bleach over her pet dog after she had an argument with her boyfriend

Gakazia Jackson, Sacramento Police Department

On Saturday, March 18th, 34-year-old Gakazia Jackson was arrested after she poured bleac on top of her boyfirend's pet dog following an argument between herself and her boyfriend.

At approximately 2:30 pm, the Sacramento Police Department arrived at 100 block of Creeks Edge Way, Sacramento, California, after they received a report of by her boyfriend of her pouring bleach on his pet dog. The pet dog, named 'princess' was a  1-year-old French and English bulldog mix.

It was discovered Gakazia dumped bleach on Princess and her boyfriend's clothing.

Princess was taken to a veterinary clinic for eye and facial irritation

The police arrested Gakazia Jackson and charged her with a felony animal cruelty charges, she was released on Sunday.

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