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Top 5 Weird News Stories Of March 2017

A countdown of the weirdest news stories we reported throughout the month of March 2017

5 - Daughter Assaults Mother With A Cheeseburger

cheeseburger assault

Mother is assaulted by her daughter with a cheeseburger at Mcdonalds, Daughter escaped police. Click Here To Read

4 - Dog Thrown Off Balcony After Argument

Dog thrown off balcony, Apartment

A woman's boyfriend threw her pet dog off their 7th-floor apartment after an argument, he took the dead body of the pet with him. Click Here To Read

3 - Adult Man Arrested After Posing As A Student

David Samuel Blackwell

A man was arrested after it was discovered he was posing as a student at Cleburne County High School. Click Here To Read

2 -Burglar Rubs Faeces In Homeowners Face

Melissa Jayne Ridley

A female house burglar pushed her excrement in the face of the homeowner after she was confronted. Click Here To Read

1 - Woman Escapes From Trunk And Flees Kidnappers

woman escapes kidnappers from trunk

A woman managed to escape her kidnappers by jumping out of a car trunk as it was exiting a gas station. Click Here To Read

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