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Naked Man Swings Machete At Mailboxes

A Florida man destroys mailboxes with his machetes while completely clotheless

Yudier Duenas-Sosa
Yudier Duenas-Sosa, Cape Coral Police Department

On Saturday night, April 29th, 36-year-old Yudier Duenas-Sosa was arrested after he went on a naked drunken rampage in a neighborhood in Cape Coral, Florida, he was alledgedly destroying mailboxes by swinging his machete at them.

The police were called to the 4300 block of SW First Avenue, were Yudier was destroying property, whilst in his drunk nakedness. Before Yudier's rampage, he was in the area attending a party.

The police arrived, they attempted to apprehend Yudier, but his highly intoxicated cousin, 42-year-old Irene Orozco, charged at the police in an effort to aid Yudier's escape. 

Her plan failed as the police managed to arrest both of the relatives.

Yudier Duenas-Sosa was charged with aggravated assault and criminal mischief, he was booked into Lee County Jail. His cousin, Irene Orozco was charged with resisting a law enforcement officer.

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