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Top 5 Weird News Stories Of May 2017

A countdown of the weirdest news stories we reported throughout the month of May 2017

5 - Shooting Suspect Defecates On Search Warrant

Demetrius Vidale

A man suspected being involved in a shooting defecates on a search warrant placed on a chair. Click Here To Read

4 - Cheerleader Lies About Stolen Uniform

A cheerleader fakes a robbery so that she doesn't have to return her cheer uniform back to her school. Click Here To Read

3 - Man Exposes Genitals In Front Of Church Service

Christopher James Frey

A Vero Beach man walks into a church and dropped his pants in front of the congregation. Click Here To Read

2 - Mother Beats Children After Receiving Only A Card On Mothers Day

India Tonetta Martin

A mother beats her children with a broom after only receiving a card for mothers day, she was arrested for child abuse. Click Here To Read

1 - Man Mocks And Punches Man With Cerebral Palsy

Barry Robert Baker Jr

A man mocks the way a man suffering from cerebral palsy walks into a convenience store before punching him. Click Here To Read

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