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Woman Smears Poop On Church, Defaces Cop Car

A woman smeared her poop on a church's front door, broke some of its windows because the church leader was attacking her mind

Barbara J. Phillips
Barbara J. Phillips, Alachua County Jail

On Tuesday, June 13th, 40-year-old Barbara J. Phillips smeared her feces on the front doors of St. Andrews Church, located in Gainesville, Florida, after she accused the leader of the church, Reverend Ronald Kuykendall of attacking her mind.

The Gainesville Sun reported, Barbara, a homeless woman, was in the belief that Reverend Ronald was attacking her mind  “via the spirit realm,” in revenge for his alleged psychic assaults she smeared her poop on the front doors of the church and the door handles. In the midst of her rampage she also turned the power off and bizarrely left fingernails at the scene.

On the pillars outside of the church, she scrawled in permanent(gasp) marker, “patriarchy,” “misogyny and sexism” and “bad spirit towards me”.

Two witnesses saw Barbara drive away in a gray Prius before noticing the poop smeared on the front door.

The police were also able to link the defacing of the church to a similar case of vandalism to a Gainesville police officer patrol car and home. some of the damage to the officer home included a welcome post being thrown into the street and a broken air-conditioning unit. The damage to the officer's vehicle is listed as, the passenger mirror being broken, the tires deflated and barbara's trademarked fingernails were left at the scene.

The police report indicated that Barbara is “fully aware of what right and wrong is, but she also appears to be suffering from some mental health problems.”

Barbara J. Phillips was arrested, charged with stalking, criminal mischief,  damaging church property and is now being held in the Alachua County Jail on a $27,000 bond.

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