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Top 5 Weird News Stories Of July 2017

A countdown of the weirdest news stories we reported throughout the month of July 2017

5 - Mom Tows Kids Behind Car

Alana Nicole Donahue

A mom has been arrested after she was spotted towing her kids in a wagon behind her car. Click Here To Read

4 - Priest Points Gun In Road Rage Incident

William Rian Adams

A North Carolina priest gets into a road rage incident in Florida, he points a gun in a fit of rage. Click Here To Read

3 - Bank Robber Strips Naked And Throws Money

Alexander Hayden Sperber

A bank robber $4,700 but a red dye pack exploded which made him strip naked and throw his earnings in the streets. Click Here To Read

2 - Woman Steals Taxi, Picks Up Paying Passengers

Betty Thomas taxi thief

A 65-year-old woman had a fare dispute with a taxi driver, in revenge, she stole his taxi and picked up passengers. Click Here To Read

1 - Man Lies About Shooting, So Cops Help Find His Phone

Eric Ross

A man claims a woman was shot, in a guise to get the police to help him find his cell phone. Click Here To Read

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