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Top 5 Weird News Stories Of October 2017

A countdown of the weirdest news stories we reported throughout the month of October 2017

5 - Burglary Suspect Claims To Be Captain Jack Sparrow

Brian Francis Zielinski

Man dressed as a pirate claiming to be Captain Jack Sparrow is arrested for burglary. Click Here To Read

4 - Felony Charge For Man Spanking Police Horse

Casey Martin Waldner

Felony Charge For Man Spanking Police Horse. Click Here To Read

3 - Man Claims To Be God, Punches Police Officer

Jacob Michael Bortz

Jacob Michael Bortz shouts 'I am God!', and proceeds to punch a police officer in the head. Click Here To Read

2 - Woman Throws Hot Nacho Cheese At 7 Eleven Worker

Stephanie Lynn Hicks

After an argument with a 7 Eleven worker, she later returned and launched a nacho cheese attack against the employee. Click Here To Read

1 - Ex-KFC Worker, Robbing Store, Recognised By Employees

Cleveland Contravis Willis

Ex-coworkers ask the man,'Cleveland, is that you?', suspect replies 'No, it's not me,'. Click Here To Read

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