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Victim Hit With Golf Club And Stabbed After Eating Pizza

A man beats his friend with a golf club and stabs him in the chest after he ate a slice of his pizza

Drew Cywinski
Drew Cywinski, Brevard County Sheriff's Office

On Monday, November 11th, 25-year-old Drew Cywinski, of Melbourne, Florida, was arrested for stabbing and beating his friend with a golf club, after the victim ate a slice of his pizza.

The incident was reported to authorities at approximately 2:52 pm and occurred on Garfield Avenue at the home of Cywinski.aerlier that day the two friends had smoked K2, synthetic marijuana, together, later that day they hung out at Drew's home. The victim grabbed a slice of pizza that was on the kitchen table, Cywinski enraged at his friend told him that the pizza slice was for him, an argument ensued.

The friend began to leave the home he grabbed his backpack and was heading toward his moped, Drew followed close behind. Drew picked up a golf club and swung it towards the victims head, yelling “I’m gonna kill you,”. the golf club broke on the victim's head, the victim defended himself with a metal mop handle and struck Cywinski on the arm.

Drew pulled out a 5-inch knife and swung it at the victim's chest and slashed his chest more than once.

Officer's apprehended Drew Cywinski, he was charged with battery and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. He was booked into Brevard County Jail and is being held on a $35,000 bond.

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