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Man Tries To Steal Two Trains

A Phoenix man breaks into a train yard and attempts to steal not one but two trains

Julio Rodriguez
Julio Rodriguez, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

On Wednesday, November 8th, 20-year-old Julio Rodrguez was caught attempting to steal two trains from Union Pacific Railroad, from Pheonix, Arizona, the same day he was released from jail.

Julio was released from jail earlier that day, he was on a mission to head straight back to prison. He entered Union Pacific Railyard near South Seventh and East Lincoln street. He sat in the engineer's seat of the train and began pushing buttons and pulling levers, he blew the train horn which attracted the attention of the employees nearby.

Union Pacific Railroad Police arrived at the scene to investigate they spotted Julio sitting in the front seat of the train. He admitted to the police that he was hiding from the employees, his intention was to steal the train and that he had been reading the instructions inside the train on how to operate it.

The police report revealed that if Julio had moved a lever into gear and applied the throttle, he would have been able to get away with two locomotives, as the train he was trying to operate was attached to another.

Julio Rodriguez was arrested and has been charged with burglary, theft and criminal trespassing. The value of the trin he tried to steal is estimated to be worth $500,000.

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