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Man Refuses To Explain Why He Has Human Skull In His Trunk

A Californian man refuses to tell the police why he is driving with a human skull in the trunk

Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis, Angels Camp Police Department

On Wednesday, November 22nd, 41-year-old Joshua Davis, of Murphy, California, was arrested during a police stop after an officer found a human skull in the trunk of Joshua's vehicle.

A police officer from the Angels Camp Police Department made a traffic stop after he spotted a vehicle failing to stop at a stop sign. The police officer spotted Joshua driving the vehicle but when the car came to a stop he was seated in the passenger seat. Joshua refused to speak or identify himself but the suspect was soon after identified, he was found to have been driving without a license.

The vehicle was inspected before it was towed, there was a human skull discovered in a bag in the trunk of the vehicle as well as methamphetamine concealed behind the fuel door of the vehicle. 

Joshua refused to explain why he was in possession of the human skull or where he had acquired it from.

Joshua Davis was charged with violation of probation, driving on a suspended driver license, possession of methamphetamine and disturbing or removing human remains. The human skull remains are currently in the custody of the Calaveras County Coroner's Office, the police are due to conduct a follow-up investigation to identify the remains.

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