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Woman Assaults Former Employee Over Fresh Bacon At Mcdonalds

A woman is charged with battery after an argument over whether McDonald's uses fresh bacon or not

Widna St. Jean
Widna St. Jean

On Thursday, December 7th, 24-year-old  Widna St. Jean assaulted a woman after she had an argument with her friend, a McDonald's employee over whether McDonald's used fresh bacon or not.

At approximately 9:30 pm, a woman pulled up to a drive-thru at McDonalds located next to a BP station in Golden Gate, Florida. The woman drove up to the window and complained about the bacon on her burger to the worker.  The woman told the worker that she did not have fresh bacon on her burger, the McDonald's staff member told the woman that it was fresh bacon, the woman retorted that she was a former McDonald's worker and knew it was not fresh bacon.

The woman entered the eatery and began to argue, Widna stepped in and defended her friend who was working at McDonald's. The complainant kept arguing until she received a new sandwich with fresh bacon. The former Mcdonald's employee went back into the car park and entered her red Nissan but the argument continued with Widna into the car park where the incident escalated. Widna struck the woman on the head leaving a 2-inch scratch on the woman’s forearm.

Widna St. Jean was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor battery.

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