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Top 10 Weirdest News Stories Of 2017

A countdown of the weirdest news stories we reported throughout the year of 2017

10 - Burglar Rubs Faeces In Homeowners Face

Burglar Rubs Faeces In Homeowners Face

A female house burglar pushed her excrement in the face of the homeowner after she was confronted. Click Here To Read

9 - Woman Escapes From Trunk And Flees Kidnappers

woman escapes kidnappers from trunk

A woman managed to escape her kidnappers by jumping out of a car trunk as it was exiting a gas station. Click Here To Read

8 - Ex-KFC Worker, Robbing Store, Recognised By Employees

Cleveland Contravis Willis

Ex-coworkers ask the man,'Cleveland, is that you?', suspect replies 'No, it's not me,'. Click Here To Read

7 - Woman Steals Taxi, Picks Up Paying Passengers

Betty Thomas taxi thief

A 65-year-old woman had a fare dispute with a taxi driver, in revenge, she stole his taxi and picked up passengers. Click Here To Read

6 - Woman Smears Poop On Church, Defaces Cop Car

Barbara J. Phillips

A woman smeared her poop on a church's front door, broke some of its windows because the church leader was attacking her mind. Click Here To Read

5 - Hamburglar Climbs Through The Mcdonalds Drive Thru Window

Jessica Marie Cross Hamburglar

A viral video shows a woman climbing through a drive-thru window, she manages to steal food, a drink, and money. Click Here To Read

4 - Mother Arrested After She Missed The Toilet

Gail Higley

A mother has an argument with her son after he claims she defecated on the toilet seat, a fight ensues. Click Here To Read

3 - Man Mocks And Punches Man With Cerebral Palsy

Barry Robert Baker Jr

A man mocks the way a man suffering from cerebral palsy walks into a convenience store before punching him. Click Here To Read

2 - Robbery Suspect Applies For Job After Robbery

Korey Terell Powell

A man who had robbed a Jack In The Box came back and requested a job application, one problem, some employees recognized him. Click Here To Read

1 - Man Jailed For Having Sex With His Pitbull

Bradley Jean Hubbard

A man from Florida has been arrested after his family member caught him having sex with his dog, she claims it went on for years. Click Here To Read

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