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Man's Gas Pedal Gets Stuck Travelling 100mph

A man traveling down a Florida highway gets his SUV's gas pedal stuck and goes up to speed of 100mph

Joseph Cooper Man's gas pedal gets stuck travelling 100mph
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On Monday, February 12th, 28-year-old Joseph Cooper was traveling down the i-95 near Vero Beach, Florida, when he noticed that his gas pedal was stuck, this caused his vehicle to travel of speeds of 100mph without him being able to bring his car to a halt.

The incident occurred at approximately 1 pm, Joseph was driving his black 2003 BMW X5 along the interstate when he noticed that his gas pedal was stuck. his car began to reach speeds of 100mph as he was passing through the south of Port St. Lucie when he decided to dial 911 for assistance.

Vero News obtained a copy of the phone call between Joseph and the 911 dispatcher, Joseph told the dispatcher, “I think my gas pedal is stuck to my car, and I'm on the i-95”. After being informed of Joseph's predicament she asked him if he could put his vehicle in neutral, but Joseph if he couldn't, she then asked him to put his emergency brake down but Joseph shot down hear advice, stating, "Ma'am, I'm not going to do that at 100 mph, I'm sorry,".

Joseph continued to avoid traffic,  during the phone conversation you could hear him scream, "Get out of the way!".

The Florida Highway Patrol troopers and Fellsmere Police Department officers joined forces and were able to clear traffic ahead of the speeding vehicle, the troopers then placed a spike strip on the road which brought the vehicle to a screeching stop with the help of a pit maneuver.

Joseph's BMW traveled a total of 50 miles (80 kilometers), it has not been reported what caused the pedal to have become stuck. Fortunately, no one was injured during the incident

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