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Woman Found Naked In Bathtub Eating Cheetos

A female intruder was caught by the homeowner taking a bath whilst eating all her Cheetos

Evelyn Elaine Washington
Evelyn Elaine Washington

On Tuesday, April 17th, 29-year-old Evelyn Elaine Washington was arrested after a homeowner returned to find the suspect lying naked in a bathtub whilst eating a packet of Cheetos.

The arrest affidavit from the Monroe Police Department stated, the victim returned home in Church Street, Monroe, Louisiana, at 5 pm. upon arrival she noticed a completely unclothed, Evelyn laying naked in her bathtub whilst snacking on a bag of Cheetos. The victim asked Evelyn why she was in her house, the suspect told her that an unnamed man told her to break into her home.

the police were called to the residence and Evelyn was apprehended. the police noted that the residence had a broken window and a tall ice chest outside, underneath the window seal. In the bathroom was a plate of food, a half-eaten bag of Cheetos on top of the toilet and bathtub full of water.

The victim detailed that she did not know the suspect, nor did the suspect know the victim.

Evelyn Elaine Washington was arrested and charged with Simple Criminal Damage to Property and Simple Burglary. She is being held at Ouachita Correctional Center with a bond of $8,000.

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