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Woman Play Fights With Boyfriend, Bites Off His Ear

A woman has been arrested after she allegedly bit off her boyfriend's ear

Portia Elaine Washington
Portia Elaine Washington, Austin Police Department

On Tuesday, April 17th, 20-year-old Portia Elaine Washington was arrested after she allegedly bit off her boyfriend's ear during a playfight, they were sating at Super 8 Motel, located on Montopolis Drive in Austin, Texas.

The incident began when the Austin Police Department received an emergency call from the suspect stating that she had bitten her boyfriend's ear because he had killed her baby, dispatchers noted that during the call a man in the background could be heard shouting, ‘where is my ear. What did you do?’.

The police arrived at the scene and saw a shirtless man with blood dripping down his neck and chest, whilst holding his left ear in his hand. The officer questioned the duo, Portia initially refused to cooperate with police and did not tell her side of the story but eventually came around and stated that she remembers biting her boyfriend's ear. the boyfriend stated they were "fooling around," and "one thing led to another" until she bit his ear off.

The boyfriend, who claimed to be in no pain, was transported to Seton Medical Center to have his ear sewn back on.

Portia Elaine Washington was arrested and charged with aggravated assault - family violence. She was booked into Travis County jail but posted her $40,000 bond  and was released

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