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Police Find 7 Stolen Zoo Animals In Man's Apartment

Police recover 7 of the 11 missing zoo animals from Sante Fe College's Teaching Zoo, the man accused was arrested for Grand Larceny

Sedrick Tyrez-Draeshawn Price
Sedrick Tyrez-Draeshawn Price, Alachua County Sheriff's Office

On Wednesday, May 30th, 20-year-old Sedrick Tyrez-Draeshawn Price was arrested after police recovered eleven zoo animals which were reported missing from Sante Fe College's Teaching Zoo, located in Gainesville, Florida.

The teaching zoo reported to the Sante Fe College Police that 11 animals had been stolen from their facilities. the police conducted an investigation and discovered that the animals were forcibly taken from their enclosure. They had received a tip of who the suspect could be, the suspect was alleged to be Sedrick.

The police searched Sedrick's apartment and found 7 of the 11 stolen animals; three Florida box turtles, two red-foot tortoises, a skink and a squirrel monkey. 6 of the 7 animals found were all taken sometime overnight between May 29 and May 30, whilst the other was reported missing two weeks earlier. Two gopher tortoises and two box turtles are still missing.

Sedrick Tyrez-Draeshawn Price was arrested and charged with Grand Larceny. He is being held in Alachua County Jail without Bond.

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