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Officer Throws Can Of Beans At Criminal Armed With A Hammer

A police officer manages to apprehend a suspect caught in the act, as he takes him down with a tin of beans

Justin Tyler Stanfor
Justin Tyler Stanford, Bay County Sheriff's Office

On Thursday, May 31st, Bay County Sheriff's Major Jimmy Stanford, was able to take down 25-year-old Justin Tyler Stanford with two well-placed hits of canned food.

The incident began at approximately 11 am when Justin walked into Rainbow Foods store in Youngstown, Florida. he was wielding a hammer and threatened to shoot an kill customers. Major Jimmy was in the store whilst robbery was taking place, he jumped into action by grabbing canned goods off the shelf and launching them at the suspect, he managed to strike Justin twice with the tin, distracting him long enough until police arrived and apprehended Justin.

Justin Tyler Stanford was charged with assault with a deadly weapon on a law enforcement officer and assault. 

Justin had been involved in a car accident earlier and was taken to a hospital first to take care of his injuries. whilst in the hospital waiting room, Justin reached for a deputies gun who was guarding him, he was charged with resisting arrest with violence due to that separate incident.

Major Jimmy Stanford and Justin Stanford have no relation to one another.

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