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Aeron Kip

Boss Gives Employees Meth As A Bonus

Jesse Michael Seifer owner of an auto repair shop allegedly paid his employees in methamphetamine

Us Town's Entire Police Department Call It Quit...

A town, Green Mountain fall's entire police department quit after being unhappy with the newly elected mayor

$500,000 For A House In New York No Bigger Than...

Brooklyn property has gone on sale at the value of $499,000, the problem is its is the size of a toolshed

Fury At The Airport As Worker Smashes A Plane

An airport worker is fired from his job, he decides to take his anger out on a stationed plane

Man Punched In The Face For Looking Like Shia L...

A New Yorker was randomly punched in the face whilst walking down the street, for looking like a disliked celebrity

Brutal Attack On British Family In Thailand

CCTV footage of unprovoked attack on British family by group of thugs

Man Shoots Teen After Toilet Paper Pank

Ronnie Lee Neeley Shoot 16-year-old after he sees them throw toilet paper on neighbours front lawn

Top 5 Weird News Of The Week, 25 - 1st May 2016

A countdown of this week's weirdest news stories

Indian Jains: Let Our Monks Defecate In Public

Indian religious group, Jains are appealing to the Indian Government to allow Monks to defecate in public areas

One Eyed Man Shoots Himself With A Flare Gun

A man with a patch over his eye shoots himself in the head with a flare gun, unsurprisingly the flaregun is painful

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