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Aeron Kip

Woman Assaults Officer With Crane Kick

A woman harnesses her inner karate kid by giving a police officer a crane kick before she is arrested

French Company Open Bar Staffed Entirely Of Dog...

Kronenbourg 1664 will open a pop-up bar in London serving their own beer served by Dogs

Atm Taken With Stolen Front End Loader

A stolen 14-ton construction vehicle is used in a smash and grab of an ATM outside of an bank

Woman Tried To Rip Boyfriends Balls Off

Rosaire Francois is arrested after attempting to rip her boyfriends balls off.

Boy Who Donated Hair To Cancer, Diagnosed With ...

Vinny Desautels, for 2 years has been growing his hair to donate to cancer patients, has been diagnosed with cancer

Worlds First Talking Cat Collar Translates Your...

Temptation invents a Cat collar that gives your cat a human voice

Stolen Bagel Truck Leads To 3 County Chase

Ashley Goldson steals a bagel truck and leads police on a 3 county chase

Burger King Spa Opened In Finland

Finland Opens Worlds first Burger King spa where you can enjoy a whopper whilst heavily sweating

Domino's Driver Headbutts Customer Over Missing...

A Domino's delivery driver who was wearing a crash helmet headbutted a customer over an argument about pizza toppings

Tourists Put Bison Calf In Car As It Was Cold, ...

Tourists in Yellowstone put a calf in their car because they thought it was cold, it was later rejected from its herd...

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