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Aeron Kip

Woman Falls Down 3 Storeys In Trash Chute Tryin...

A Salem woman crushed her leg in a trash compacter in a bid to find her neighbour's keys

Man Sends 5 Dogs To Attack Poodle Because Owner...

The Floridian man sends 5 of his dogs to attack smaller dog because the owner is a 'Terrorist prick'

Google's Self Driving Car Will Stick People To ...

Google has placed a new patent for its self-driving car, which involves sticking pedestrians to the car during an acc...

Fog Point: Vodka Made From San Francisco Fog

A $125 vodka made from the foggy mists of San Francisco

Drunk Man Jumps Into Lion Enclosure

A drunk man is recorded jumping into a lion enclosure seen trying to shake hand with the deadly mammal

Hilarious Nra Ad Warns Iran To Stay Away From A...

Charles Daniels warns Iran that not all Americans are like their "Flower Child" President Barack Obama

Bees Attempt To Rescue Their Queen

Bees chase a car for two days to rescue their queen who was trapped in the car

Saudi Man Shoots Doctor Who Delivered His Baby

Saudi Man arrested after shooting male doctor after he assisted in wife delivery

Hacker Pranks Couple Using Their Own Laptop

Hacker breaks into German couples laptop and uses the camera and speakers to prank couple

The Emoji Bible: Scripture 4 Millenials

The new Testament has been translated into Emoji language so Christianity can better relate with millennials

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