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Aeron Kip

Man Poos On Self Checkout Scanner

A drunk man poops on self-checkout scanner after he strips naked

Museum Visitor Breaks Priceless Clock

Pennsylvania clock museum visitor breaks wooden clock sculpture

Monkey Steals Cash From Jewellery Store

A conniving monkey manages to steal 10,000 rupees out of a cash register after waiting outside fo store front for doo...

Students Hatch A Chicken Without The Egg

Students wrap cracked egg in cling film and successfully hatch a chick

Frog Airlifted After Being Run Over By Lawnmowe...

A lawnmower accident causes life-threatening injuries to tiny tree frog

Priest Punches Groom's Brother During Wedding

What kind of person are you when even the priest wants to punch you?

Mass Escape From Brazilian Prison

Video released of 47 prisoners escaping from a Brazilian prison

Man Steals Dozens Of Star Wars Lego Sets

Shannon Kirkley has been arrested after stealing thousands of dollars worth of Star Wars Lego’s from Toys “R” U...

Woman Punched For Honking At Slow Pedestrian

A woman is assaulted in a road rage incident after honking at a slow walking pedestrian

Shopping Mall Turns Into River During Floods

Chinese Shopping Mall Turns into a flowing river due to heavy rainfall

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