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Aeron Kip

Burglar Pours Sugar Over Himself

Man covers himself in powdered sugar before stealing beer

Stripper Fakes Kidnapping So Husband Doesn't Ca...

Woman spends the night with another man tells the police that she's been abducted so her husband doesn't find out the...

Robber Vs Dog, Who Wins?

A robbery suspect with a gun walks into a tobacco shop he meets his nemesis a dog, the fight is on!

Son Calls The Police After Dad Burns All His We...

A dad burns sons weed after a fight with his son, enraged son then calls police in search of justice

Walgreens Worker Puts Customer In Chokehold

A Walgreens worker fights a customerer after a confrontation, the fight ends with the customer tapping out

Ex Employee Robs Former Workplace

An Ex-employee robs a gas station he used to work at, recognised by his voice

Transgender Woman Arrested For Voyeurism In Tar...

A man who identifies as a woman was spotted taking pictures of women in their changing facilities in Target

Cops Free Bear Stuck In Car

Nobody knows how the bear got into the car and managed to lock itself inside

Man Poops Pants To Avoid Arrest

Man defecates pants in an attempt to stop police officers arresting him after traffic stop

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