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Aeron Kip

Mans Last Skydive Caught On Cam

footage shows the incident from a skydivers helmet cam depicting his last fall from the skies as his parachute gets t...

Thief Steals 200 Pairs Of Panties

A man is caught on cam stealing over 200 pairs of panties from a GAP store in

Truck Vs Train! Who Wins?

The odds are looking pretty good for the train, but i like to see underdogs win

Police Car Overturned At Intersection

A police car was struck on its side and flipped over after attempting to chase a vehicle which ran a red light

Woman Trashes Convenience Store For 10 Minutes

An unidentified woman trashed a small convenience store for 10 minutes and is currently on the run

Screaming Scares Off Armed Robber

The extra attention the screams create scares off the armed robber in the Dunkin Donuts

Man Rescues Boy Hanging From Window

A heroic man saves a boy hanging from a six-storey window

Man Escapes Handcuffs, Thrown Out Back Window I...

The suspect, Logan Younger, escapes police handcuffs, the police cruiser crashes and logan flies out the back window

Fugitive Disguises Himself As An Elderly Man

Shaun Miller dresses up as an elderly man in an attempt to evade the police

Storm In Poland Wreaks Havoc

An apocalyptic like storm flattens and displaces large structures in Chorzow, Poland

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