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Kelly Leroy

Mother Faked Daughter's Disappearance To Get Ba...

Mother reports the disappearance of her daughter and blames it on her daughter's father

Cafe Owner Evicts Customers With Vile Fart

A cafe owner has discovered a new way to clear out his customers at closing time

The Search For Mcdonald's Golden Chicken Nugget...

Will you be able to find the golden chicken nugget?

Parents Leave Child Behind In Dine And Dash

Parents try and dodge the restaurant bill but forget their child at the restaurant

Seagull Turns Orange After Falling Into Curry

A seagull turns bright orange after falling into a vat of warm curry

8 Men Rob A Small Jewellery Store

8 men are caught on surveillance footage robbing a jewellery store in India

Man Drives Off Without Paying For Gas 13 Times ...

When stealing gas remember to diversify your locations of theft

79-year-old Drink Driver Crashes Into Shop Fron...

A 79-year-old drunk driver hits a 6-year-old after crashing into the front of a convenience store

Burglar Seen Stealing Lotto Tickets, Comes Back...

Man breaks into convenience store and steals a roll of lotto tickets, comes back later to claim his winnings

A Cloud Making Machine Is A Thing Now

Company in Cambodia unveil their new cloud making machine, which does exactly what it says on the tin

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