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A 20-year-old sprinkles cocaine on top of a police officer's head whilst he was being questioned by police

Police find a man sleeping in his car, they search him and find his pockets filled with drugs, he claims the pants d...

Hasan Burke tries to sell marijuana to a police officer after texting a wrong number

A Sioux city man hands over a million dollar bill to a bank clerk, he's quickly arrested by the police

A waitress loses her job after accidentally dropping a baggie of cocaine

A Florida man destroys mailboxes with his machetes while completely clotheless

A man steals a police uniform and tries to access drugs at a pharmacy

Rosey Snyder delivery of Methamphetamine was wrongly delivered to a different address, she picks up the drugs from a...

A man has been arrested after he was pepper-sprayed and threw a steel toed boot at a police officer

A man is arrested after he slid down a 3rd floor hotel laundry chute, injuring his head, he is arrested by the polic...

A man was stopped by the police after he drove the wrong way, police discovered he was drunk and he peed on himself ...

Two brothers who were high on magic mushrooms cause carnage in an apartment complex after they're spotted in a passi...

A man who appeared to under the influence of alcohol/drugs was arrested after he was swinging two swords in Walmart

An Australian woman complains to the police over an increase in the price of marijuana

A drunken woman asks police officer if they could help her find her teeth and shoes, officers find her belongings in...

A naked man breaks into a home in search of sesame seeds to top his burger, possibly high on synthetic marijuana

A third-grade teacher has been caught with syringes and heroin capsules, reports show he went to school high

A man is jailed for three days after police mistake his bag of cat litter for half a pound of methamphetamine

Kensington police of Prince Edward Island have released a statement threatening to play loud Nickleback as punishmen...

A Floridian man pees inside the walk-in cooler on top of a stack of Busch beer at a 7-Eleven

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