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A man battles through the cold temperature and almost evades arrests as he curls up into his chest freezer

A man claims a woman was shot, in a guise to get the police to help him find his cell phone

A man who was under house arrest was found to be involved in a burglary after his ankle monitor showed his location

A man pretending to be a dentist pulled teeth of a patient without anesthesia, police called after tooth pull goes w...

A floridian man has been arrested after throwing his glass eye at a doctor

The Arkansas bridge remains standing five hours after demolition

A man takes an epic journey into the cold depths of his fridge

A man is so preoccupied with the Pokemon go mobile phone app that he doesn't notice the expensive TV's ahead of him


Students wrap cracked egg in cling film and successfully hatch a chick

The April fools joke has come to fruition after the demand for the product was overwhelming

Chinese Man gets his head stuck in a washing machine, firefighter free him

Watch how a cockroach trap immobilizes a scientist, a sprinter and a sumo

Prophix intend to release a $400 toothbrush to aid you in brushing your teeth

Temptation invents a Cat collar that gives your cat a human voice

Students at a Thai university have been caught using camera glasses & smartwatches to cheat on their medical exams

Colin Furze uploads a video of his homemade hoverbike on to Youtube

Here's our list of the weirdest guns to be produced through the years

The new fart pad is trending after a weird advertisement for the product hit Youtube

Surgeons save a man's hand from amputation by placing it inside a pocket in his belly

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